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Windows CE Driver for Phidgets
This is a kernel driver to allow libraries and applications access to USB Phidgets on Windows CE. Most applications will program against a higher level library called phidget21, rather then accessing the kernel driver directly. The standard Phidget APIs are provided by this higher level library. phidget21 source code is closed source. If you want to add the phidget21 binaries to your platform, extract them from the processor appropriate .CAB file.
  • Documentation for using the libraries will be maintained on
  • This driver and libraries have been tested on the ICOP eBox, and LN2410SBC from Littlechips.

The release includes
  • Kernel driver source code
  • Installers for x86 and ARM9

Where to get Phidgets?
You can get specific Phidgets or Phidgets kits from the Phidgets Website or from a Phidgets distributor.

What are Phidgets again?
Phidgets are an easy to use set of building blocks for low cost sensing and control: Motor Controllers, RFID Readers, Temperature Sensors, etc....


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